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Raju Mann

President & CEO
  • 12/23
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The Battery Park City Authority takes its commitment to the environment seriously, even when it’s time to remove the snow.

As described in the Battery Park City Sustainability Plan, our Parks Operations team has incorporated environmental responsibility into its operations since inception, developing and enhancing sustainable landscape and maintenance techniques for more than 20 years. This includes the decisions we make about what products we use and how we approach snow removal.

When the snow falls, our Parks Operations team is tasked with clearing park walkways throughout Battery Park City. Safety is mission-critical, and to create safe passage for our residents, workers, and visitors we rely on the right people, with the right equipment, and the right plan. In this way we can reduce the use of de-icing products while quickly clearing pathways for safe public use.

Start Early & Focus on High-Traffic Areas:

Snow operations begins with pre-storm planning, with BPCA’s Snow Plan delineating staff responsibility and storm management approach.

The Parks Operations team arrives on-site before a snow event starts, cautioning-off secondary areas and working to apply non-toxic, biodegradable liquid deicer in select locations – primarily stairs and bridges – across Battery Park City. This facilitates quick snow and ice removal from these priority locations while minimizing the risks of slips and falls for parks users. The team also activates the West Thames Street Bridge’s heat-radiant steps (no deicer needed there!) and opens the scuppers along the BPC Esplanade so that melted snow drains rather than icing over the surface. 

STEP BY STEP: The West Thames Street Bridge features built-in, heat-radiant stairs to melt snow as it falls – but cool enough to be “paw safe” for our four-legged friends!

DRIFT AWAY: Open scupper along the BPC Esplanade.

Use Less Product:

Elsewhere, staff works to address accumulation as it happens using a variety of equipment, including plows and brushes, snow throwers, shovels, and ice pickers. By proactively removing snow BPCA regularly limits use of deicing products.

During and after the storm, the Snow Plan outlines the use of a biodegradable ice melt in areas prone to icing. This product works faster and lasts longer than conventional ice melting products, which in turn drastically reduces the application rate and need for additional applications. The ice melt also retains a distinct color so staff can easily identify where it’s been applied – and not use more than needed. Staff also mixes sand into the ice melts, both reducing the amount of product used and adding traction for passersby.


Hats off to our Parks Operations staff, who answers the call in all types of weather. For them and entire BPCA team being green is a full-time job – even when the forecast calls for lots of white.

OPEN TRAIL: BPCA snow plow clears a path on the North Esplanade.

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