“From coastal resiliency and sustainable green practices to the preservation of affordable housing, world-class public art, and vibrant, year-round programming in award-winning public spaces, Battery Park City leads the way in many of the measures that makes cities livable."

Raju Mann

President & CEO
  • 06/08
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BPC Parks Happenings is a monthly “snapshot” of the Authority’s work in maintaining Battery Park City’s parks and public spaces. Scroll down to see what’s on tap for June!

Still Permeating: BPCA staff continues it work installing permeable pavers along Rockefeller Park’s North lawn. Later this month we will be moving to our fourth and final location along South Esplanade Plaza. Read more about this pilot program here.

Circle of Life: Removal of dead or dying trees will take place along River Terrace, to be replaced with new trees during this fall’s planting season.

Looking for some shade: The Authority is conducting a tree canopy and biodiversity inventory (read more) in order to optimize its planting decisions and horticultural management practices and further accentuate the positive impacts of neighborhood greenery.

Love (the) Triangle: BPCA staff is watering and weeding the new native “no-mow” lawn planting at Murray Triangle to ensure successful establishment. This new lawn will provide habit and shelter for wildlife that call Battery Park City home, as well as incorporate sustainable gardening practices.

Right down the middle: The Route 9A medians will be planted this month with native plant plugs to ensure optimal growth.

The Pride of BPC: A neighborhood fave! Look for the Pride benches and lights on the Esplanade and in Rockefeller Park installed by our Parks Maintenance Team.

Calling All Volunteers! The team is looking for volunteers who would like to join us in completing gardening tasks like weeding, watering, and deadheading of plants. Contact info@bpca.ny.gov for a volunteer application and more info.

Zero Waste: As a decades-long leader in sustainability, BPCA is striving to divert 90% of what is sent to landfill! To continue helping toward our Zero Waste goal, we ask that you rethink what you throw away in the parks, and please recycle or compost items.

See it to believe it: Although all of the parks within BPC are beautiful and worth visiting, here are some recommendations of “Must See’s” for this month:

o The Wild Area in South Cove
o The BPC Ball Field Terrace
o Chambers Street Planters

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