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BPC PEOPLE – Debbie Addison

Title: Director of Project Management and Planning

Favorite BPC Spot: South Cove

Debbie Addison, Battery Park City Authority’s Director of Project Management and Planning, has undertaken a wide array of planning and development projects since graduating from Columbia University with a degree in architecture in 2003. After graduation, Debbie was drawn to construction management, accepting a job at her alma mater, supervising the building of new faculty housing. She has also worked on the development of healthcare facilities around the city.
  Seeking to diversify her experience with public service, Debbie joined the Real Property Department of BPCA in June 2018. In her capacity as Director of Project Management and Planning, she manages both the BPC Ball Fields and North Battery Park City resiliency projects, aimed at protecting the neighborhood from storm surge and sea level rise. More about BPCA’s suite of resiliency infrastructure projects can be found here.
  In her free time, Debbie enjoys growing her music collection and knowledge—she loves listening to just about anything, from West African jazz singer Angelique Kidjo to American blues singer Etta James.

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