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  • 01/07
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BPC People – Mashi Blech

BPC People – Mashi Blech
BPC Resident, Director of ArchCare TimeBank, Member and Organizer of the BPC TimeBank Hub

Favorite Battery Park City Spot: Rockefeller Park

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mashi Blech has always had a passion for helping others. During her studies
at CUNY, she worked as a recreation therapist and later earned a Master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation at New York University. Soon after graduation, Mashi found another opportunity to engage others and service the public when she was introduced to the idea of timebanking.
Mashi’s involvement with TimeBanks came after she saw an ad in the NY Times for a TimeBanking grant.
She went in for an interview and the rest is history. TimeBanking is a free reciprocal exchange network
in which people provide their skills and services to one another by using time instead of money as the

With over 28 years of experience, Mashi created one of the earliest and most successful TimeBank
models and currently works for the ArchCare TimeBank. In 2009, she decided to launch a TimeBank hub
in Battery Park City, the community in which she had lived since 1984. Initially, she started the program
with people she knew. Through word of mouth, the program grew to 50 members in BPC in addition to
the 400 members who live in Lower Manhattan. Archcare Timebank currently supports 1,100 members.

The TimeBank is managed using a database where members’ services are listed. Among the many
services provided by members are minor home repairs, cooking lessons, cellphone/computer assistance,
grocery shopping or accompanying someone to a medical appointment. These are matched to the
needs of a member who lives near them. Since the currency is time, each hour of service provided
entitles the member to receive an hour of service in return.

This free program has brought many people, across the age spectrum, together in the community.
Mashi hopes to continue expanding the program by recruiting additional member organizations as well as individuals.

If you are interested in joining the BPC hub of TimeBank please contact Mashi at:
Mblech@archcare.org or 646-395-5964.

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