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Raju Mann

President & CEO
  • 08/02
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Property Service & Maintenance


This week BPCA commences work on the Bed A Property Line Wall Project, an effort to restore the planting bed and repair a portion of damaged property line wall between Gateway Plaza and the Battery Park City Esplanade. The initiative is scheduled to last approximately three months.

“Bed A” is one of Battery Park City’s original planting beds, located on Esplanade Plaza south of the North Cove Marina, immediately north of Gateway Plaza, and east of the BPC Esplanade and the Hudson River. Over the past several years BPCA has monitored and observed ground settlement in the area affecting a roughly 50-foot section of the Bed A property line wall – a granite-clad, concrete structure that separates the Esplanade from Gateway Plaza.

As a result of this settlement, cracks have appeared in the wall’s concrete and several of its granite stones damaged. Within the planting bed itself there are two sections where settlement has created voids in the soil material.

As part of this project, cracks and damage in the Bed A property line wall will be repaired

The Bed A Property Line Project therefore entails inspection, repair, and restoration of both the planting bed and damaged portions of the wall as described above. To facilitate this work a large tree and all plantings will be removed from the planting bed for the duration of the project, to be replaced upon the completion of the project this fall.

Work at the project site is currently planned to occur only during New York City’s regular construction hours (Monday-Friday, 7:00am-6:00PM).

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