“From coastal resiliency and sustainable green practices to the preservation of affordable housing, world-class public art, and vibrant, year-round programming in award-winning public spaces, Battery Park City leads the way in many of the measures that makes cities livable."

Raju Mann

President & CEO
  • 06/13
  • Community
  • Environment


It’s no secret that Battery Park City is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods anywhere, and that has lot to do with the parks, gardens and plantings woven throughout our 92-acre site. This is in addition to the green building guidelines BPCA established both for its residential and commercial building construction.

We’re always looking for ways to enhance and expand upon this green legacy, and sometimes even small improvements can have a big effect on the feel of a place. One recent example is BPCA’s installation of flower baskets to a dozen lightpoles at intersections along South End Avenue, one of Battery Park City’s two main thoroughfares.

These planters include a variety of annuals such as ivy leaf geranium, lotus flower, and sweet potato vine, and help give a small town feel to this stretch of streets in the southern neighborhood.

We thank our incredible horticulture team for this tasteful addition, as well as our local community members — particularly Ms. Ann Schwalbenberg of the Battery Park City Seniors group — for the wonderful suggestion. Thank you for helping keep BPC beautiful!

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