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BPC Parks Happenings is a monthly “snapshot” of the Authority’s work in maintaining Battery Park City’s parks and public spaces. Scroll down to see what’s on tap for April.

– Ice Treatments Cometh: This week, our Parks Operations team continues dry ice applications throughout park areas for the purposes of rodent control. This more environmentally-friendly method of pest management minimizes contact with unintended targets, such as birds and squirrels, that can be adversely impacted by traditional rodent control methods.

– Great grates: Over the course of April the Parks Operations team will be removing the tree grates in the West Thames Playground to reduce underlying sand buildup and replace it with nutrient-rich compost. The team will also be widening select tree grates to allow the tree trunks to grow freely while providing a level place surface of protection for the tree roots for playground users.

– Planting, Promptly: Starting the week of April 15 we will be receiving in this year’s perennials and shrubs at the (newly upgraded!) North End Avenue Greenway Workspace for planting in the gardens throughout Battery Park City.

– Compost Abides: We’re also continuing to utilize the North End Avenue Nursery to compost garden cutback – an important task in preparing for the new spring growth to come. This work allows our team to create a high-quality soil amendment and fertilizer for use across the neighborhood.

– Green Acres: The week of April 15 will also mark the start of lawn openings for the season, as our Parks Operations team begins removing temporary fencing from around our green spaces. As they do so, please remember: Don’t feed the wildlife. Battery Park City’s lush green spaces provide all the food and habitat that these animals need, and wildlife does not benefit from human interaction. (If you do encounter an animal that appears injured or distressed, contact the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation at (718) 482-4922 (Monday-Friday) or (877) 457-5680 (Saturday & Sunday).

– Serve It Up: As our lawns open for rest, relaxation, and recreation, our popular volleyball court at Esplanade Plaza won’t be far behind! Look for a pickup game near you coming by mid-month!

– Sign Us Up: April 26 is Arbor Day! To mark that date, look for tree tags across our parks highlighting the benefits of the wide variety of species that call Battery Park City home.

– Benchmarks: Look for the team sprucing up our Londino benches with new slats and cleaning of the cement bases along the upper-level of the South Esplanade.

– Pristine Pavers: The team this month will also be replacing hex pavers adjacent to the Brookfield Place / BPC Ferry Terminal’s south passenger entrance.

– Waterworks: Look also for our team at work repairing water lines on the east end of the Robert R. Douglass Bridge this month.

– Drop It Like It’s Hot: Our green community compost drop-off bins, located at 75 Battery Place, Gateway Plaza, 200 Rector Place, at the North End Avenue dog run, and on the lower level of River Terrace and Chambers Street are accessible 24/7 for drop-off of fruit and vegetable scraps. And be on the lookout for a new compost drop off location coming soon along the Esplanade by North Cove Marina! Email compost@bpca.ny.gov for more information or questions about our community compost program.

– Our Path To Zero! As a decades-long leader in sustainability, BPCA is striving to divert 90% of what is sent to landfill! To continue helping toward our Zero Waste goal, we ask that you rethink what you throw away in the parks, and please recycle or compost items.

– Come to the Table: BPCA has pioneered the use of dog waste to create compost, now collecting up to 15 pounds of it per day to create to be applied back to our gardens and green spaces in a safe and environmentally-responsible way. Stop by any of Battery Park City’s three dog runs, as well as locations along the south Esplanade, from April 23-25, 10:30AM-12PM and 2:30-3:30PM, to learn about this innovative way of creating a nutrient-rich compost while reducing methane gas emissions and the number of plastic bags typically used to pick up pet waste. Plus: Hear more about this program on Pet Life Radio.

– Volunteer with BPCA: We’re looking for volunteers to assist with gardening tasks like weeding, watering, and deadheading of plants this spring. Please reach out to info@bpca.ny.gov for a volunteer application and more info. And starting April 19, look for the season’s first corporate volunteer groups working alongside the staff to keep BPC beautiful.

– See It To Believe It! Although all the gardens within BPC are special, here are some “Must see” spots for an awe-inspiring moment this month!
o Southern end of the Eastern Border – check out the view from atop the Robert R. Douglass Bridge
o Rockefeller Park north – near the Ulysses statue at the northeast corner
o South Cove – take in the spring blooming shrubs and perennials

– What on Earth? BPCA has a lineup of events on tap this April as we embark on a monthlong celebration of planet Earth! Join us at these great events to mark Earth Month 2024!

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