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  • 03/22
  • Community


Join the Battery Park City Parks Programming this Saturday, March 25th for the third and final installment of Stories Under the Stars! Evoking the spirit of a family campfire under the night sky, this series celebrates camping while exploring the mysteries of the cosmos.
Attended by more than 40 kids and families, the first session highlighted the stars and constellations. During the workshop, kids and families were able to explore the splendor of the stars first-hand in a portable planetarium! After cozying up inside the planetarium to stargaze, kids heard stories of how the numerous constellations they had just seen got their names. Finally, the workshop was taken out to the Esplanade to try and find those constellations in real life using a telescope.

In the second installment, participants enjoyed a celebration of camping. Julie Pasqual, an interactive storyteller, brought the camping experience to life in a performance infused with physicality, comedy and active participation. Afterward, kids were able to build their own miniature model campsites. It was the full camping experience, taken indoors!
This Saturday, the engaging Stories Under the Stars series will conclude with a celebration of the vernal equinox–the first day of spring–which occurred last Monday. Children and families will first explore what the first day of spring means to them, whether it is the beginning of Little League, warmer weather, stunning new flowers in bloom, or even asparagus season! Then Doug Van Horn, BPC Parks Senior Manager of Education and Nature Programs , will explain what the first day of spring means scientifically, culminating with a demonstration on the Esplanade. In the demonstration, kids will measure out the distance between the earth and the sun–if they were each about a billionth of their true size.

Look forward to stories, science and spring in this week’s final edition of Stories Under the Stars.

WHERE: 6 River Terrace
WHEN: Saturday, March 25th; 4PM – 6PM
Register here. Pre-registration is required.

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