“From coastal resiliency and sustainable green practices to the preservation of affordable housing, world-class public art, and vibrant, year-round programming in award-winning public spaces, Battery Park City leads the way in many of the measures that makes cities livable."

Raju Mann

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Eleven years ago today Hurricane Sandy made landfall, leading to more than 100 fatalities and $70 billion in damages across a dozen states — including 44 lives lost and billions of dollars in property damage in New York City alone.

Over the past decade Battery Park City has been leading efforts to help harden the neighborhood and surrounding areas for future generations in close coordination with a range of federal, state, city, and local partners. The Authority’s work, described below, is part of the larger Lower Manhattan Coastal Resiliency (LMCR) Project, an integrated coastal protection initiative aimed at reducing flood risk due to coastal storms and sea level rise in Lower Manhattan. The LMCR Project area spans the Lower Manhattan coast and seeks to increase resiliency while preserving access to the waterfront and integrating with public space.

Today, BPCA is at work on two interrelated resiliency projects as part of LMCR to protect Battery Park City and the Lower Manhattan coast from the threats of storm surge and sea level rise. A third project, the now-complete BPC Ball Fields & Community Center Resiliency Project, is the 2023 recipient of the American Society of Civil Engineers Metropolitan Section’s Sustainability Project of the Year award. This award is presented in recognition of a project which exhibits innovative environmentally sustainable aspects that benefit its users and the public.

The South Battery Park City Resiliency Project (SBPCR), currently under construction and to be completed in 2025, will provide flood risk reduction for southern Battery Park City and Lower Manhattan in response to increasingly frequent and more severe storms. You can read more about SBPCR progress here.

The North/West Battery Park City Resiliency Project (NWBPCR), now in design with projected completion in 2027, will similarly provide flood protection for the balance of Battery Park City and western Tribeca. In our latest round of NWBPCR public engagement earlier this month, the Authority hosted a series of Sitewalks along the project alignment to provide updates on, and receive input upon, the current conditions, updates, and proposed elements at the 30% Design phase of the project.

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